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Synthesis in the glycosciences

Editor: Prof. Thisbe K. Lindhorst
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

All cells are coated in carbohydrates and glycoconjugates. Today, after decades where sugars were regarded mainly as a means of energy storage or simply as molecular material, it is now known that carbohydrates are deeply involved in cellular communication. This awareness of the biological importance of carbohydrates has led to glycosciences becoming an intriguing and fascinating field of interdisciplinary research. However, the structural diversity found in the carbohydrate regime is unparalleled which makes the biological study of carbohydrate recognition and understanding the processes involved rather complicated. In addition, the multivalent nature of most carbohydrate ligands constitutes a special challenge in glycoscience.

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Synthesis in the glycosciences

Thisbe K. Lindhorst

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Convergent syntheses of LeX analogues

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Full Research Paper

Benzyne arylation of oxathiane glycosyl donors

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Preliminary Communication

(Pseudo)amide-linked oligosaccharide mimetics: molecular recognition and supramolecular properties

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Full Research Paper

Bis(oxazolines) based on glycopyranosides – steric, configurational and conformational influences on stereoselectivity

Tobias Minuth, Mike M. K. Boysen

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Full Research Paper

Bioorthogonal metabolic glycoengineering of human larynx carcinoma (HEp-2) cells targeting sialic acid

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Full Research Paper

Synthesis of glycosylated β3-homo-threonine conjugates for mucin-like glycopeptide antigen analogues

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Full Research Paper

Preparation of aminoethyl glycosides for glycoconjugation

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Full Research Paper

A bivalent glycopeptide to target two putative carbohydrate binding sites on FimH

Thisbe K. Lindhorst, Kathrin Bruegge, Andreas Fuchs, Oliver Sperling

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Full Research Paper

En route to photoaffinity labeling of the bacterial lectin FimH

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Full Research Paper

Design and synthesis of a cyclitol-derived scaffold with axial pyridyl appendages and its encapsulation of the silver(I) cation

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