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An update of the journal website offers new functionality (January 2018 release):

Call for Papers

The Thematic Series are an important and successful concept for this journal. We now have a dedicated page under “About” showing all currently open call for papers. The link to an individual call for papers announcement is suitable for sharing since it will remain unchanged and eventually contain the published articles. 

Journal Statistics

A page found under “About” provides details on the current journal statistics.

Presentation Graphic

On the download page of an article published in 2016 or later (click on the orange “References” button on the article page), we now offer a picture for download which contains the graphical abstract, title and authors for social media postings and presentations. Please share this image with your colleagues today!

Social Media

The share function now includes a picture similar to the presentation graphic with title and author information in addition to the graphical abstract. These pictures can be directly used for postings in Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Additional minor changes include layout improvements.


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