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The new webpage offers a modern and clear design and enhanced functionality for use on desktop computers and on mobile devices.

Enhancements to the new version include:

Mobile Devices

The Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry is now also optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The content can be fully viewed on all devices and can easily be accessed. The layout depends on the device type and screen resolution.

Album View

All schemes and figures of an article are displayed in the new album view. Click on a thumbnail to show the corresponding graphic. All graphics can be expanded in the album view.

Thematic Series

All Thematic Series are grouped into categories. A search filter on the series overview page offers an easy way to find a single series or an editor of a series. Just enter the first letters of a word/subject, series title or an editor’s name and all series fulfilling the filter criterion are immediately displayed (others are hidden).

You can now download all articles of a Thematic Series as one PDF file. Just click on “Series PDF” on a series overview page.


On the page “Browse by Authors” you can enter the first letters of an author’s name. This displays a popup with all authors who have published in the journal that fulfill this criterion. Select one of the shown authors to get a list of all of their corresponding articles. Special characters in an author’s name are automatically assigned to corresponding English characters (e.g., entering “Mu” will find the author “Müller”).

On the full text article page, you can now click on an author’s name to open an overlay with the author’s affiliation and the link “All articles from this author”.

Interesting Articles

On the full text article page, we now suggest three other articles in a box to the right of the article text (or below it), which may be thematically related or simply regarded as interesting.


You can now directly share an article or a complete Thematic Series with your colleagues from our webpage. Clicking the “Share” icon on an article or series opens an overlay for sharing on Twitter, LinkedIn or by sending a link by email.

Previous Content

The new version has been developed without changing the content of the past published articles and without any changes to the Beilstein Publishing System.

Comments or Questions?

You are very welcome to send us your comments on the new webpage. We will of course also answer any questions you have. Just send us an email.

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