Size-selected Fe3O4–Au hybrid nanoparticles for improved magnetism-based theranostics

Maria V. Efremova, Yulia A. Nalench, Eirini Myrovali, Anastasiia S. Garanina, Ivan S. Grebennikov, Polina K. Gifer, Maxim A. Abakumov, Marina Spasova, Makis Angelakeris, Alexander G. Savchenko, Michael Farle, Natalia L. Klyachko, Alexander G. Majouga and Ulf Wiedwald

Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2018, 9, 2684–2699. doi:10.3762/bjnano.9.251

Supporting Information

Size distribution for all synthesized NPs (Figure S1), HRTEM images for MNP-6, MNP-44 and MNP-25 samples (Figure S2), T2-weighted MRI-images of the NP solutions in water and 2% agarose (Figure S3), hydrodynamic size of NPs in water (Table S1), a cell viability study by MTS assay (Table S2), apoptosis/necrosis activation (Figures S4 and S6) as well as reactive oxygen species generation (Figures S5 and S7) in 4T1 cells cultivated with MNP-25 NPs followed by AMF application in comparison with control, are presented in the Supporting Information.

Supporting Information File 1: Additional experimental information.
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Andreas Taubert, Fabrice Leroux, Pierre Rabu and Verónica de Zea Bermudez

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