Thematic Issues – Call for Papers

The following thematic issues are currently open for submission. Please first inform the corresponding guest editor if you intend to submit a manuscript, including the title and article type (Review, Research Article or Letter) you wish to submit. Upon approval by the guest editor, you may submit your manuscript according to the instructions outlined on the Manuscript Submission page. Please include the title of the thematic issue and the corresponding guest editor in the cover letter.

Please note that we accept submissions in all other subfields of nanotechnology on a continuous basis for our regular Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology article stream. All thematic issue articles are held to the same standards as regular articles.


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We are currently recruiting guest editors to suggest and edit future thematic issues. Apply today and benefit your career by gaining editorial experience and joining our network of authors, reviewers, and editors.

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Advanced atomic force microscopy techniques V

Philipp Rahe, Ilko Bald, Nadine Hauptmann, Regina Hoffmann-Vogel, Harry Mönig, Michael Reichling

Call Show Issue

When nanomedicines meet tropical diseases

Eder Lilia Romero, Fabio Rocha Formiga and Katrien Van Bocxlaer

Call Show Issue

Physics and optical applications of all-dielectric nanostructures

Zhanghua Han, Sanshui Xiao and Jin Xiang

Call Show Issue

Micro- and nanofluidics for all: affordable, accessible, and open technologies

Vittorio Saggiomo, Maïwenn Kersaudy-Kerhoas, Tobias Wenzel and Mirela Alistar

Call Show Issue

Microneedles for vaccination and drug delivery

Philip Prewett, Graham Davies and Zahra Faraji Rad

Call Show Issue

Nanomaterial-based sensors for water remediation, healthcare and food monitoring applications

Akeem Adeyemi Oladipo, Yap Wing Fen, Abdur Rahim, Pramod K Gupta and Amin Mousavi Khaneghah

Call Show Issue

Biomimetics on the micro-
and nanoscale – The 25th anniversary of the lotus effect

Matthias Mail, Kerstin Koch, Thomas Speck, William Megill, Stanislav Gorb

Call Show Issue

Quality control of
mass-produced nanomaterials

Luiz Gustavo de Oliveira Lopes Cançado and Claudia Backes

Call Show Issue

New trends in

Pau-Loke Show, Wee-Jun Ong, Sunita Varjani and Joon Ching Juan

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