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Article Template for Microsoft Word

This Word template has been designed to assist authors in preparing manuscripts for submission according to the Beilstein guidelines.


Style Sheet for ChemDraw

A style sheet is provided to assist authors in drawing chemical structures according to the guidelines. It can be used to prepare chemical structures with the chemical structure editor ChemDraw. To install the style sheet in ChemDraw please download the file "Beilstein_ChemDraw_Template.cds" and store it in the program folder "ChemDraw/ChemDraw Items". For further information about handling style sheets consult the Help function of ChemDraw.


LaTeX Template and Technical Handbook

This LaTeX template has been designed to assist authors who want to submit their manuscript in LaTeX format. To prepare your manuscript according to the Beilstein guidelines, download the Zip archive with all necessary files and also the technical handbook. For more information about the handling of the template please consult the technical handbook. The Beilstein-LaTeX template and the technical handbook are also available at the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network. Please note: An upload of a main manuscript in LaTeX format during the submission process is only possible if the Beilstein LaTeX template was used.


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