Article Type Description

Full Research Paper

Full Research Papers are articles describing detailed results from original research. All findings are extensively discussed. New chemical compounds are described by their preparation as well as their physical and spectroscopic data.

Letter (Preliminary Communication)

Letter articles are short articles describing essential findings from original research, which should be published rapidly. These findings should be new and must not have been published as part of full research papers in any journal. Up to the first half of volume 6 this article type was called Preliminary Communication.

Book Report

Book Report articles are short articles (up to 1000 words) that are written by specialists for the general community. The aim of a Book Report article is to give a brief summary of the book's strengths and weaknesses and to evaluate the book's overall usefulness to its intended audience.


Review articles are summaries of excellent scientific research articles which deal with specific research areas of high current interest in any area within the scope of the respective Beilstein Journal.


Editorial articles are short articles describing news about the journal or the opinion of the editor-in-chief, the publisher or a guest editor of a thematic series.


Commentary articles seek to provide a critical or alternative viewpoint on a key issue or provide an insight into an important development that is of interest to a large number of scientists. These narrowly focused articles are usually commissioned by the journal.

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