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Syntheses, structures, and stabilities of aliphatic and aromatic fluorous iodine(I) and iodine(III) compounds: the role of iodine Lewis basicity

  1. Tathagata Mukherjee,
  2. Soumik Biswas,
  3. Andreas Ehnbom,
  4. Subrata K. Ghosh,
  5. Ibrahim El-Zoghbi,
  6. Nattamai Bhuvanesh,
  7. Hassan S. Bazzi and
  8. John A. Gladysz
  • Full Research Paper
  • Published 23 Nov 2017

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Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2017, 13, 2486–2501, doi:10.3762/bjoc.13.246

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