Prof. David O'Hagan

Advisory Board

School of Chemistry
University of St Andrews
St Andrews
United Kingdom

Scientific career

2000 - present Professor and Head of Organic Chemistry at University of St Andrews
2001 D. Sc. from University of Glasgow
1986 - 2000 University Durham
1985 - 1986 Post-doc at the Ohio State University
1982 - 1985 Ph. D. at University of Southampton
1982 B. Sc. from University of Glasgow


Research areas

Our research has a strong focus on organofluorine chemistry, and particularly organofluorine chemistry focused on bioorganic and chemical biology research: Multivicinal fluorine chemistry, fluorinated analogue of the neurotransmittor GABA and the fluorinated capsiasin, a fluorination enzyme - the fluorinase, fluorosynthesis of self assembling monolayers.


Thematic Series

Prof. O'Hagan edited the Thematic Series in the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry:

Organo-fluorine chemistry III

Organo-fluorine chemistry II

Organo-fluorine chemistry


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