Continuous-flow processes for the catalytic partial hydrogenation reaction of alkynes

Carmen Moreno-Marrodan, Francesca Liguori and Pierluigi Barbaro
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2017, 13, 734–754.

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Continuous-flow processes for the catalytic partial hydrogenation reaction of alkynes
Carmen Moreno-Marrodan, Francesca Liguori and Pierluigi Barbaro
Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2017, 13, 734–754.

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Moreno-Marrodan, C.; Liguori, F.; Barbaro, P. Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 2017, 13, 734–754. doi:10.3762/bjoc.13.73

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