Engineered nanomedicines for advanced therapies

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    Prof. Michael K. Danquah, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, USA
    Prof. Francesca Baldelli Bombelli, Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy

Nanomedicine entails the use of nanomaterials, nanodevices or bio-nanotechnologies for diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Recent research applications include the use of bio-nanosystems or nanoscale materials, such as engineered biomolecules, nanoparticles and nanorobots, for identification of disease biomarkers and the development of targeted drug delivery systems. While most of these nanomedicine technologies are in early research stages, the prospects of these technologies in the development of comprehensive disease therapies continue to drive research investment.

This thematic issue seeks to create a platform that will stimulate the continuing efforts of developing nanomedicines for various disease diagnosis and treatment applications. Research contributions to this thematic issue may include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Nano-biomolecular interactions
  • Bio-nanoparticle synthesis for nanomedicine applications
  • Drug nanoformulations
  • Nanodrugs for targeted delivery
  • Regenerative nanomedicine
  • Nanorobot design, characterization and application
  • Toxicity assessment of nanodrugs
  • Nano-biosensors for disease biomarking
  • Bio-nano imaging systems

Extended Submission Deadline: September 30, 2019

Gold-coated plant virus as computed tomography imaging contrast agent

  1. Alaa A. A. Aljabali,
  2. Mazhar S. Al Zoubi,
  3. Khalid M. Al-Batanyeh,
  4. Ali Al-Radaideh,
  5. Mohammad A. Obeid,
  6. Abeer Al Sharabi,
  7. Walhan Alshaer,
  8. Bayan AbuFares,
  9. Tasnim Al-Zanati,
  10. Murtaza M. Tambuwala,
  11. Naveed Akbar and
  12. David J. Evans
  • Full Research Paper
  • Published 07 Oct 2019

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Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2019, 10, 1983–1993, doi:10.3762/bjnano.10.195

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